Vintage Church Resources desires to observe copyright and other intellectual property laws. To help us with this, we ask submitters to agree that they have personally created all aspects of the image(s) that they submit.

We ask that all submitters observe the basic rules of copyright, including, without limitation:

• Never use someone else’s work

• Photos should have been taken by YOU

• Modification of a pre-existing work is infringement

• Do not use photos of people unless the people pictured have signed model releases

• Do not use photos of buildings for property without a property release form

• There is no law that allows you to use someone else’s work “if you change ten percent” (or any amount)

• The only work that you can rightly submit is work that is original to you, created by you, and photographed by you.

• Photo licensing sites do not allow modifications and re-use without additional fees, therefore unless you have paid the higher licensing fee, do not use stock photography and illustrations

• Do not incorporate trademarks or trade names of any entity

• Do not use text that you did not write yourself